Is life getting in the way?

I’ve been having a heart to heart with myself as of late.  Maybe heart to mind would be more accurate.  They argue a lot.  Sometimes I feel like the all encompassing “me” just takes a back seat and listens:

“There is no excuse for missing an entire month without a blog entry.”

“Wrongo.  There are lots of reasons.  The grandkids were sick, and I needed to help out with them, hubby got sick.  Then I got sick, for crying out loud.  How can I write a blog post when I can’t sleep for coughing and can’t get more than a minute and a half away from the bathroom?  Now that I’m well we’re several states away for a funeral.  How can I work now?”

“Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Heard it all before.  When you were working for a weekly paycheck you worked when you were sick.  You also just found out your iPhone works as a mobile hot spot and had it turned on.”

See?  I don’t even need outside input to get into an argument.  This kind of internal dialog would become more positive if I channeled it from internal conflict into resolve which moves into action.  So that’s what I did, and now here I am writing this post.  Tomorrow we’re off to visit another Florida relative and while I’m there (and not pressed into service working on Mom’s computer) I plan to finish that short story epilog so I can start editing.


I am in a couple of writing groups and a few forums.  (Wouldn’t that be fori?  Hah!  Just looked it up – forums or fora.  Who knew?)  Ahem.  The groups and forums – I hear so many times (and am guilty myself) that people stopped writing because life got in the way.  They used to write, then they had kids.  They used to write, but then went to college.  The phrase they invariably use is “life got in the way.”  My focus on words what it is, I finally had to look closer.  In my case my priorities changed and my self confidence couldn’t keep up.  The end result was that I got in my way.  It was me.  I remember overhearing my husband talking to someone who saw something I’d made.  It was something crafty, I think a reverse decoupaged and painted glass bowl.   He said, “I don’t know how she finds the time to do things like that, but she always does.”  That stuck in the back of my mind.  At the time I had three kids, and two of them were pre-school.  It wasn’t lack of time or energy that kept me from writing.  It was me, for whatever reason.

Now that I’m committed to writing and several people are convincing me I’m good enough to be published, I need to channel that internal dialog into resolve and action:

Blog post – check

Short story ending – by the end of the week

Novel Part I first full edit – by the end of the month

Novel Part II first draft – NaNoWriAgain – heck, that’s how I did the first half


Talk to me.

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