Monday’s KAPOW challenge

It’s time for Monday’s Kick-Ass Prompt of the Week.  My last post was about specificity in writing, specifically involving all the senses to intrigue your readers and pull them into your story.  Today’s prompt is to write a situation or scene that involves all five senses: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch.   For you science-fiction, fantasy and horror writers, feel free to add any extra senses you’d like.  You can include people and dialog, but it’s not necessary.  There are no imposed parameters or restrictions except to be sure to include all the senses.

Do it for yourself, but if you submit it to so I can post it on the KAPOW page, I’d be thrilled.  Now I have to write my own piece for the prompt.  Still thinking.

Okay, here it is.


by C J Gorden

My dream faded as soon as I realized that’s what it was, and I became aware of mid-day sun warming my back as it crawled across the bed from the south-facing window.  My nose twitched.  Mmmmm.  Fresh coffee.  Eyes still closed, I could almost taste it.  I was still sprawled across the bed flat on my stomach, one arm flopped over the edge.  I had been so ready for this rare nap I hadn’t moved a muscle in . . . two whole hours, my squint up at the bedside clock told me.  Heaven.  But I still didn’t want to move.  My head was still turned toward the clock at the edge of the bed when I heard my man standing in the bedroom doorway having a stage-whisper conversation with my little man.

“Can I wake her up now?”

“Sure, I think she’s probably ready to wake up and have come coffee.”

Mmmmm.  It would surely beat the taste of cotton dust coating my tongue.  Still I played possum.

The tapping of small toddler’s sneakers on tippie-toe closed in on me.  Couldn’t wait to find out how my little man would wake me up.  I could tell my grown-up man was watching from the doorway, probably smirking.

I felt breath on my face and little fingers that oh-so-carefully pinched my eye lashes and pulled up one lid.  One vibrant baby-blue was so close our noses almost touched.  As soon as my eye focused on his, he let go of my eyelashes and erupted in gales of giggles that prevented conversation and made me laugh with him.  I heard serious man-chuckles from the doorway as I scooped my little man up and carried him to the doorway for a family hug hoping we’d always see eye to eye.


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