Monday’s KAPOW challenge

Last week’s post was about creating emotion in our writing.  Practice is where it’s at when learning the craft of writing.  Doesn’t matter if it’s piano lessons, Jeet Kune Do or writing – practice, practice, practice.

With that in mind, this week’s Kick-Ass Prompt of the Week is to create a situation so emotion-laden readers will feel said emotions themselves.  It doesn’t matter if it involves wedding weeping, parental angst or a pull to the dark side.  Emote, I say, emote!

As I’m learning more about what I can do with the blog pages, I’m changing my mind about what I can archive.  YAY!  Looks like I can keep submissions posted indefinitely, so I’m adding a page per month to archive submissions.  The main KAPOW page will be just for the current week’s challenge, the next week those submissions will move to that month’s archive page, so if you send me a submission it will appear on the site indefinitely.

Send submissions to me at and I’ll post them ASAP.  Write on!



by C J Gorden

She knelt in the dirt under an unrelenting August sun in the middle of what had promised to be a glorious day.  Her focus was ripped from the world around her and turned inward as she yelped and pitched forward.  She kept herself from falling into the dirt by digging clawed fingers into it, and stiffening her body.  Her worst fear had come true.  She’d been attacked!  She had to think.  What should she do?  She was paralyzed by pain, her thoughts seared as clean as ground zero at an atomic blast.  Everything went white as thought fled, replaced by numbing fear.  Paralyzed, she remained rigid, hands and knees in the dirt until the pain localized.  Her reality shifted before she could move a muscle, anger blasting crimson through the blank fear.  She could think.

In a blink she straightened and slapped a rigid hand on her own thigh hard enough to leave a livid, raised handprint just below her shorts.  Before she moved her hand, she took in a wheezing, explosive breath, and slapped herself again.  After a second shaky inhale, she bent her head and peeked under her hand.  The bee was still there, stuck to her leg by its stinger.  Mechanically she plucked it off and scraped the stinger out with her thumbnail like she’d been taught.  “He is never,” she ground out through clenched teeth, “going to do that again.”


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  1. iarxiv
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 13:55:55

    Terri Heimerman’s blog brought me your way 🙂
    Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!


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