Monday’s Kick-Ass Prompt of the Week (KAPOW)

The last blog post had to do with the power of persuasive words which came about when a car dealership referred me to its “Fulfillment Department” to procure an extended warranty on my car.

Today’s prompt is to write about a wish or wishes in a way that stirs up emotion in the reader 300 or fewer words.  It’s okay but not necessary to stick to one emotion.  The entire emotiverse is your oyster.  If there’s an emotion you feel you have trouble conveying, that’s the one to go for.  This is all about stretching your writing skills.

It’s my wish that you’ll share.  My next wish is that I’ll come up with something myself.  I never do these prompts ahead of time.  After I write the prompt, I write the piece.  Sometimes that may show, but “it’s an exercise, Jim, not a contest.”



by Carol Gorden

Lifting her wet cheek from her folded arm, she came up to her elbows in the meadow behind the church and was face-to-face with a daisy.  She ripped it out by the root with a clenched fist, threw her head back, baring her throat and bowing her back, and screamed, the whisper of her veil unheard.  Blinking back tears she focused on the daisy, bent and forlorn in her fist, and pounded the ground with it.

“I wish I never met him!” she said to the pulverized daisy still in her fist.  She hauled herself to a sitting position cross-legged under clouds of white satin and lace white now sullied with grass stains and thought it appropriate.

“Why?”  Eyes closed she was very aware of him has he circled warily.  Opening eyes blackened by smeared mascara she saw him mirroring her pose nearly knee to knee.  She looked daggers at the daisy.

“I heard your friends.”  She drew a shuddering breath.  “They wondered how you could cheat on me so close to our wedding.”  She looked up at him.  “So do I.”

“They heard you leave and came and got me.”  He searched her face.  “You know my former friend, right?  The one getting married next weekend?  Your brother just replaced him as usher.  Good thing they’re about the same size.”  She stared at him, motionless.  “I told you I’d wait,” he said.  “I have.  I am.  As long as it takes.”

She stared at him for several heartbeats, then, “I am so, so sorry.”

He leaned forward and whispered a breath away from her lips, “Do I have to wait any longer?”

She clamored to her feet, careful of her dress, pulling him and the daisy back to the church with a breathless, “No!”


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