From “To-do” to “Ta-da!”

I had to field a curve this week.  I don’t play, or even watch much baseball but my husband is a Minnesota Twins fan so I’m exposed to it a lot.  I can tell when a televised game is on by the hollering (and sometimes cursing) coming from the television room.

Getting back to my curve – I was getting ready to write my blog post.  I was in the thinking-about-it-a-lot stage when I found out my mother had been having episodes of vertigo that were random, sudden and incapacitating.  Blog post thinking exits stage right and travel plans enter stage left.  A friend volunteered to drive with me and we left Minnesota a day before blog post day.  Now here we are in Florida, Mom hasn’t had another episode (of course) and I didn’t get my blog post done.  This is it, late.

In case you have an inquiring mind, after a myriad of tests and several doctors, her vertigo has been attributed to inner ear problems and she has several exercises to do that seem to be managing it.  She is eighty-six years old and is walking one mile a day instead of two for a while.  She’s my hero.

What this means to my writing is that a lack of routine and scheduling has done me in again.  I have to face that it wasn’t the curve, although it’s a handy excuse.  If I had written blog posts farther in advance it wouldn’t be a problem, it would already be posted in my blog’s dashboard and scheduled to publish on time.  I could even have a few use-any-time blog posts in reserve for emergencies.

My next project – starting as soon as I’m done with this post – is to fill in a calendar with a writing schedule that includes daily time slots for new writing, for editing and for critiquing writers’ group submissions.  I purchased an eight by ten inch plain-Jane calendar that I can attach to my desk hutch.  In the blank spaces and margins will be my monthly goals for each of those categories.  I brought it with me to Florida along with all my WIP (works in progress) files and shiny new loose-leaf soft-sided notebooks, one for each lengthy WIP and one for short stories, flash and new ideas.

Next week I’ll let you know how that’s coming along.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michael Fishman
    Jul 01, 2012 @ 06:41:07

    I’m glad your mom is all right and that it wasn’t something more serious. I imagine it was a scary few days until you got down there and found out the diagnosis. And tell your husband to keep on yelling and screaming and I’m right there with him! 🙂


  2. C J Gorden
    Jul 01, 2012 @ 21:20:30

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. It was scary, but also glad it wasn’t more serious. Hubby’s home doing a minor project involving sheet rock and crown molding between Twins games. I passed along your sentiments. 🙂


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