Monday’s (late) Kick-Ass Prompt of the Week (KAPOW)

The Monday prompt has been moved to Tuesday this week while I recover from a bug of some sort that has taken up residence in my throat and neck.  Ugh.

The last post was about the rewards of carrying on, writing when it’s difficult, writing in spite of distractions.  In that vein, the prompt is to write about accomplishment despite adversity.  That can be a tall order for 300 words or fewer.  It doesn’t have to be epic or involve galactic peace, although I wouldn’t rule it out.  Write it in whatever form works for you.  I rarely write poetry, but for the last KAPOW challenge I just couldn’t get it on paper any other way.

If you decide to write a piece for the prompt and post it to your blog, please let me know about it in a comment, or post the piece itself in a comment.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  Comments are appreciated.  Kind critique is also appreciated.



by C J Gorden

The spider runs around and around on the speckled enamel of the cup.  Unable to see as far as the green leaves overhead or the blue dappling of a clear mid-day sky, his world has shrunk to the inside of the smooth cup.  Several legs exploring the vertical side of the cup, around and around he goes, occasionally changing direction.  He stops to listen, to feel vibrations in the cup, aware he is a predator who could become prey.  His goal does not change and he resumes his path around the cup.

He freezes as tremors travel through the cup and the light overhead darkens.  Warm moist air from a large nose huffs around in the cup and he shrinks himself as small as possible.  The sky lightens momentarily, but the nose is replaced by a paw and the cup is pulled over on its side.

The spider stays crouched inside his former prison which now feels safer than the unknown outside it.  He hears the yip of a fox kit just outside the cup.  The kit crouches and looks inside the cup, curious, but his mother wants him to follow her.  He’s big enough they’ve left the den looking for food and she’s impatient.  She barks at him and trots away, sure he’ll follow.  After one more look inside the cup, he does.

Tentative legs explore the lip of the cup and the rocks of a cold campfire under it.  The spider raises himself to running height and makes his way swiftly out of the cup, down the rocks and into the surrounding grass.  The prison of the cup forgotten, his new goals are a home and food.


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