Likes and dislikes

What I like to read and what I like to write are not always the same.  For instance, I’m not crazy about crime stories, whether fiction or fictionalized true stories.  On the other hand, I could picture myself writing crime fiction.  I haven’t written or even started any, but I can conceive it happening.  I like reading romance, especially contemporary or urban paranormal fantasies.  I cannot picture myself writing romance.  I have written some paranormal fantasies and would like to write more.  They have romantic elements but are not “romance.”  To me, the difference between reading romance and writing it, is like having a wild and crazy romantic dream that leaves you panting and clutching the sheets when you wake up versus rolling over to re-enact it with your significant other, even if it were physically possible.

I’d like to know your likes and dislikes for reading versus writing.  Should be verrrry interrrrresting.


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